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Bonnie Conrad-Truelove


Since I can remember, I've always had a love and passion for dogs - it's where it's gotten us today!


Following my passion, I started off working for a vet, Dr. Evans, for six years learning about health care and much more.  Since 1987 I've been studying canine behavior having done many seminars and taken many workshops. This has helped me to understand what dogs need, and how to best address those needs!

Brian Truelove


I've always been fascinated and passionate about our dog friends.


I've done many seminars and lectures on dog behavior and health, and have been involved in all types of dog sports.  I retired early from the service industry to work full time with the dogs, and am loving every minute of it!


Debbie Feener

From a young child up until I moved out on my own there was always a dog in our home. Later in life after marriage we had two beautiful Silky Terriers for 14 years! 

A house is just not a home without a family pet. We later  adopted our two current dogs. Through adopting I now see there is so much satisfaction for both dog and human. Saying that I chose not only to live with dogs but to work with dogs as well. 

About Oceanmark K9 Resort


Since 1991


Originally established as 'Oceanmark Kennels', we've since expanded and relocated to a larger space giving the dogs more room to run, play, and socialize.  We also thought our name should best represent what we offer, and the treatment our dogs receive - truly a resort experience!  We're family owned and operated, and have created a friendly and inviting experience for you and your canine friends.  Feel free to contact us any time!


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